Promoting Good Fellowship, Excellent Food and Superb Wine


   Black Tie Club International formed in Toronto, Canada in 1990. The Club was formed to provide an alternative venue for gay men to meet and share a common outlook, to have fun and enjoy one another's company in a formal Black Tie setting.

The club's founder has always believed that, no matter what you look like, when you put on a tux you look adorable! Our Formal dinners are Black Tie Only, no exceptions. Since it's formation, Black Tie Club International has grown to 19 Chapters with over 800 members across the US and Canada.

   Chapter Events are usually open to all BTCI members, so if are traveling to or want to attend a host city chapter's event, simply contact the Host Chapter and inquire. As a member you will receive a membership newsletter containing the contact information for all the BTCI Chapters and upcoming events.

   The Phoenix/Scottsdale Chapter formed in 2008. Annually we host two Formal Black Tie events, one in the spring and one in the fall, as well as, approximately eight informal monthly events which include cocktail parties, pool parties, pot-luck dinners, and happy hours and dinners at local establishments.

   Membership is extended to Gay Men, singles or couples of all ages able to fulfill membership requirements. Details on Membership can be found HERE. No personal information, email addresses, names or pictures on the website are ever made public without the expressed permission of the members.


Please visit the Contact page and complete and submit the form for more information concerning membership.


BTCI Chapter Cities


 Asheville, NC


 Atlanta, GA


 Baton Rouge, LA


 Central Florida


 Dallas, TX


 Denver, CO


 Fort Lauderdale, FL


 Laguna Beach, CA


 New Mexico


 New York/

 New  Jersey


 Palm Beach


 Palm Springs, CA



 Los Angeles, CA







 Rehoboth Beach/




 Finger Lakes


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 San Francisco, CA


 Toronto, Canada


 Washington, DC